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Jenifer Reader
Position: National President

Degree: Educational Leadership Doctoral Candidate, Master’s Degree in Health Education, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Beta Rho Chapter President, 2005-2007
National Collegiate Chair, 2006-2008
Region 4 Councilor, 2008-2012
Boise Conclave Co-Chair, 2012-2014
Region 4 Councilor, 2014-2018
National President-Elect, 2018-2020
National President, 2020-2022
Recipient (Phi U S/F/A), Jeannette Rowe Memorial Scholarship (local), Lillian P. Schoephoerster Scholarship (national), Sarah Thorniley Phillips Leadership Award (national), Candle Fellowship (national), Jean Dearth Dickerscheid Fellowship (national)

I value and appreciate the family and consumer sciences experience I have gained through my membership in Phi U. I would not have my current job if not for the wonderful leadership and networking opportunities available through this organization. I will always cherish my Phi U friendships and the opportunity to learn from the amazing Phi U members who inspire me to strive for excellence, to take advantage of leadership opportunities, and to serve others. Inducted 2005 into the Beta Rho chapter

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